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About Sonic Reference Laboratory

Sonic Reference Laboratory (SRL) serves the Sonic Healthcare USA federation of laboratories, one of the nation’s largest diagnostic medicine companies. The people of SRL aspire to help people live better, healthier lives by delivering the highest quality test results using advanced, state-of-the-art esoteric testing technologies, from DNA and RNA based molecular diagnostics to highly sensitive toxicology and drug testing. SRL is designed to meet the highest quality and efficiency standards of CLIA, CAP, NYSDOH, ISO 15189, LEAN, and Six Sigma. 

Specimen Collection

The appropriate specimen type for the testing to be performed can be determined from the Sonic Reference Laboratory (SRL) Test Collection Manual. Ensure that the appropriate source and tube type have been identified prior to specimen collection. Specimens are to be collected per the tube manufacturer’s instructions unless otherwise indicated in the SRL Test Collection Manual. 

Specimen Labeling

All specimens submitted to SRL for testing must be appropriately labeled with two unique patient identifiers per the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Laboratory General Checklist item GEN.40491. SRL will make every effort to obtain information that is not provided at the time of receipt prior to specimen rejection. 

Patient Identifiers

Specimen containers must contain two unique identifiers. The preferred identifiers are: 

  • Patient first and last name 
  • Patient date of birth and/or external accession number 

Additional Information

Specimens must also be clearly labeled with the following information: 

  • Date of specimen collection 
  • Blood collection tube type (i.e. Citrate, Red Top, EDTA, etc.) 
  • Source, if specimen is not blood (i.e. Urine, Vaginal Swab, etc.) 

If this information is not on the tube, it must be indicated on the associated manifest or paperwork.

Electronic Orders

All electronic orders must be accompanied by an appropriate manifest or packing list that indicates the patient, specimen, and testing to be performed. Information contained on the manifest will be verified with the electronic order received. Testing may be delayed for specimens with electronic orders that are missing critical demographic information such as date of birth as SRL attempts to obtain the information. 

Specimen Transport

Specimens must be maintained at the appropriate temperature from the point of collection to receipt at SRL. Reference the SRL Test Collection Manual for information on the appropriate shipping conditions for the testing to be performed. Stability of specimens must be considered when selecting a shipping temperature. Consider the duration of the transit time and account for sufficient dry ice or cold packs to ensure the specimens arrive at the correct temperature. Specimens are to be shipped per published Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements. 

Appropriate Temperature Ranges

  • Ambient: 15°C to 25°C 

  • Refrigerated: 2°C to 8°C 

  • Frozen: -10°C to -30°C 

  • Ultra-frozen: < -60°C 

Transport Guidance

Contact SRL Customer Service for packaging guidance to ensure maintenance of appropriate specimen temperature during shipment transit. 

Avoid Specimen Rejection

The following types of issues may result in specimen rejection and test cancellation:

  • Unlabeled or improperly labeled specimens
  • Specimens received in broken or leaking containers
  • Specimens received in expired or recalled collection or transport containers
  • Specimens collected in an unacceptable tube type
  • Specimens from an unacceptable source
  • Improperly collected, handled, or stored specimens
  • Specimens received at improper temperature or beyond stability
  • Specimens provided with insufficient quantity (QNS) to perform testing

Quick Reference Guide

  • Identify appropriate specimen to be collected
  • Collect specimen per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Label collected specimen appropriately
  • Submit electronic order for testing
  • Determine correct shipment conditions
  • Package specimen appropriately with manifest
  • Send shipment to:

Sonic Reference Laboratory
3800 Quick Hill Rd
Building 3, Suite 101
Austin, TX 78728

  • Contact the SRL Customer Service department with any questions or concerns:

Phone: 844.531.2100

Fax: 512.531.2203